Katwala's Winter 2003 Litter

CH Katwala's Miss Bonnie Blue HSAs QW

This breeding ended up not EXACTLY what I had in mind. Unfortunately, Bonnie was left in an outside pen at DuWest Kennels when she was in season and Cappy Pruett's Australian Kelpie "Barney" managed to get into the kennel run with her. Don't ask me why a bitch in season was left unattended, I don't know and I got two different stories from the parties involved. Mr. Pruett was responsible for Bonnie's care as she was with him for herding training but I had verbally contracted with Lori Bashor to breed Bonnie to one of her males. Which person was responsible? Obviously neither of them was.

Bonnie whelped her pups on the evening of December 3rd, 2003. They were all born black and tan, not white...but Bonnie raised them as if they were the "right color". The boys were raised in my home like all my other litters and were placed in loving homes. Despite Mr. Pruett's insistence that he would reimburse me for the costs incurred because of this little indiscretion, he has yet to bother to do so.