CH One Two's Double XL at Katwala aka "Tank"
OFA Good Hips, Elbows Normal, obligate prcd Pattern A (Clear), rcd4 Clear, PLL Clear, CERF Clear (2010), BAER Bilateral
Katwala's Do Unto Others aka "Goldie"
OFA Good Hips, Elbows Normal, prcd Pattern B (Carrier), rcd4 Clear, PLL Clear, CERF Clear (2014), BAER Bilateral

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Staying here at Katwala








Pedigree for Goldie x Tank litter


3 males, 6 females



Date of Birth

May 4, 2015


Katherine Branson & Danial Branson


Pups will be obligate clear


Pups will be obligate clear

prcd PRA

Pups will be clear or carrier


All pups will be tested around 7 weeks of age


If you are interested in being put on the waiting list future litters, please fill out our online questionnaire !

Prices and guarantees available on our contracts page:

CH One Two's Double XL
at Katwala

OFA Good
Normal Elbows
prcd Clear
rcd4 Clear
PLL Clear
BAER Bilateral
CERF Clear 2010
CH Taylryders One Two Buckaroo CD RAE
CH Sandhill's Pbj Sam I Am DL87378701 CH Sandhill Man In the Blue Suit DL70160902 CH Carben Copys Rip'n And A Snort'n DL60020401
CH Plateau N Gator Mustang Saly DL48468706
Sunshine Hazy Daze PT DL59286503 CH Stockmate Blue Ranger D841912 [Q967316]
CH Longacres Cattle Queen D839614
Come Bye And Look What Katy DID DL84758403 CH Plateau N Gator Grizzly Pete DL48468707 CH Gator's Grizzly Bear DL34877104
CH Indigo Infinity D601662
CH R-Bar's Call Me Katydid DL68699507 CH Roshara's Rowdy Hand D879800
CH Kiss Me Kate of Call Me DL41092106
One Two Taylryders Eviction Note
Taylryder Trouble In Town DN06141001 Ruselrun Sandhill Rio Bravo DN00117605 CH Mi-De-B Command Performance DL77239702
CH Legend's Sandhill Jill DL72382002
CH Taylryder Renegade Aberdeen DL86304202 BIS BISS CH Dawn Heir's Angus A Renegade DL61001904
CH Bd Taylryders Red Bandana DL75127404
CH Hiredhand Flashback To Plateau CGC HIC DL88211205 Showman's Jump'n Jack Flash DL59127602 CH Echo Hills Ropin Inthe Slack DL42849404
CH Showman's Katydid of Gator DL44025302
Hiredhand Sassy Blue DL77690002 CH Hiredhand Silver Dude DL68946508
Hiredhand K T Oslon DL44315002

Katwala's Do Unto Others

OFA Good
Normal Elbows
prcd Carrier
rcd4 Clear
PLL Clear
BAER Bilateral
CERF Clear 2014
GCH CH Littleflock My Deliverer RN
Am/Can CH Carben Copy's Cut the Bull HSAs DL89344001 CH Kuawarri's Blue Duke HS STDs QW DL66165408 DC Rewuri Blue Bogong CD VQW DL49620801 [N1349958]
HC Kuawarri Munya Beron DL35453901
CH Carben Copy's Code Blue HSAs OA NAJ PT CGC QW DL53531301 BISS CH Imbachs Paddy Willy D629143
Cattlenip Blue Gundagai DL45237001
CH Kurpas' Amazing Grace HIC DL90506403 CH Kurpas' Fire N Brimstone DL72145601 Int CH Adavale Red Revenge DL68529401 [N1364688]
CH Kurpas' Get Ready DL51397002
Kurpas'n Hilltop's Mornin' Mist DL77234401 CH Heelerhill Dingo Starr HIC DL65882903
CH Nip'n Heels Secret Code Dee DL55705701
CH Tanglewood N Katwala's Fast Break
CH Katwala's Who Dunnit N'run DN00240004 CH Graber Red Roo of Melbourne CD CGC DL58216804 Wrightmere Red Chip Cowboy DL46609501
Simmons Skooter Cowgirl DL46894610
CH Sageroo Coppertop At Katwala DL79648404 CH Kurpas' Fire N Brimstone DL72145601
CH Sageroo Cotton Jenny DL49379102
CH Reddenblu's Zero To Sixty DL87068301 [KE647591] Can CH Reddenblu's the Insurrector BPIS HM540783 Am/Can/Finn CH BPIS Reddenblu's the Proclaimer HC DL66516701 [BQ135095]
Reddenblu's I Believe In Angels FG339930
Am/Can CH Reddenblu's Fast As You DL70536001 [FS388147] CH Longacres Blue Smoke DL37747804
Reddenblu's Oh What A Thrill CU203741

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