Mizz Murphy

Miss Murphy is not part of our breeding program... ...she has no fancy pedigree and that's just fine by her and for us.

The week of Christmas (2005) word spread on ACD-L about a 16 year old Australian Cattle Dog that had been dumped in a shelter in Kentucky. The reason her owners gave for her surrender was that Murphy was occasionally incontinent. We initially offered financial support for anyone that could pull and adopt this cute old gal. Time passed and it seemed that nobody had room for this elderly ACD so we offered to take her in to our home to live out her years with us. How anyone could surrender a 16 year old dog for ANY reason is beyond me.

Murphy came into our home without batting an eye....she took to our routine as if she had lived her her entire life. She's a WONDERFUL old gal that loves to be petted and scritched and loved. Gracie has declared Murphy to be her "furry sister" and the two romp as if they have known each other for years instead of weeks.

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