Katwala's Summer Singleton 2002 Litters

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DuWest's OllieOllieInComeFree
Reddenblu's Zero to Sixty

DOB: 8/17/2002

This breeding wasn't planned until some time NEXT year but nobody told Ollie that. One morning I was not careful enough about who was let out with whom and despite QUICK realization of my error a little puppy lust took place before I could get Ollie back in the house. "Peanut" was a teeny-tiny puppy that weighed only 5 oz at birth but she has made it so far and is already a little pistol !

More Pictures of Peanut

DuWest's OllieOllieInComeFree
CH Katwala's Miss Bonnie Blue

DOB: 8/27/2002

This was my planned Summer breeding and we also wound up with only one pup. Singleton litters are not common in Australian Cattle Dogs and Ollie would like to remind everyone that it's not him, it's surely the girls fault!

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