You need to bring the following when you come to pick up your new puppy:

  • A leash
  • A collar if you prefer to choose your own color or style (we won't be offended)
  • A crate or car harness for safely transporting your pup home
  • A check for the balance due (puppy price - any deposit already made)

The following items will be sent home with your new puppy:

  • A bag of kibble to start you off and mix with what you will be feeding your pup
  • A simple puppy collar
  • A "stinky toy" (one that smells like your pups dam, like us and like and our home)
  • Other toys and appropriate puppy chews
  • A copy of the book "SuperPuppy"
  • A binder full of information including:
    • Your puppies health record thusfar (vaccinations, dewormings, etc.)
    • BAER testing records for your puppy
    • Health testing records for your pups sire and dam
    • A color photo pedigree for your pup
    • AVID microchip registration application
    • Various handouts that we have compiled over the years
    • A signed/sponsored application for membership in the ACDCA

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