ACD Rescue at Katwala

PLEASE NOTE that we are currently not doing ACD rescue.

Over the years I have fostered and adopted out far more rescue dogs than the number of puppies I have produced. To take in an animal that would have otherwise been euthanized or abandoned and left to their own resources and find them a new home is always rewarding.

Our rescue dogs come from every circumstance you can imagine.... their histories are often unknown. Shelter dogs that come to us are often abandoned or "lost and found" and their history is unknown. We also often take in dogs from owners no longer able to care for their Cattle Dog for one reason or another.

These dogs are brought into my home and allowed to interact with my dogs. I take several weeks with each dog to evaluate their temperament and to see if they have any behavior issues that need to be addressed.

While in my care, all rescue dogs are caught up on their medical needs (innoculations, deworming, etc.). They are also altered (spayed or neutered) if needed and are microchipped for permanent identification.

We also take the time to work on housebreaking, crate training and basic "household manners". Often these dogs need extra-special confidence building as they frequently have a background of neglect (or sometimes even abuse).

We get dogs of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors in our rescue program. The majority of dogs that we get can easily be described as adolescents. Most of the time these dogs come to rescue as the family that originally purchased them had no clue what this breed is or what their energy is REALLY like. When they find out they are over their heads, they dump the dog instead of training it or working with it. Yes, I know that's a sad statement but it's the most frequent scenario that we see in ACD Rescue. Generally, these are NOT "bad dogs" they may be dogs that have developed a bad habit or two because of human neglect or ignorance but usually those bad habits are easily fixed.

We occasionally get baby puppies in rescue but not very frequently. We also get older dogs from time to time, usually they are the products of divorce or a family move or owner death. These dogs are generally VERY well behaved and sadly often get overlooked as potential companions by those looking for a "baby" to raise. We have found that Australian Cattle Dogs are VERY loyal to whomever controls the food dish and the love and hugs, the loyalty and "bonding" of a dog to you is not at all dependent on your having raised it from a pup!

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