Online Katwala Questionnaire

Please fill these questions out to the best of your ability. This questionnaire is a simple way for me to get some of the pesky "getting to know you" questions out of the way before we chat further about Australian Cattle Dogs and the purchase/adoption of one of my puppies or other dogs. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers to these questions and I promise that I don't take points off for spelling errors :)!

Please note that references will not be contacted for any reason until after we have personally spoken about the possibility of your purchasing one of my puppies. Rest assured that none of this information will EVER be passed along to any other parties (other breeders or rescue organizations) without your prior consent.

If you do not have access to a computer (note this form will not work on tablets or phones) or would prefer to print out the questionnaire to submit it via snail-mail, please visit this link for more printer-friendly versions of this file!

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  1. Have you ever owned an Australian Cattle Dog?             Yes     No

  2. What made you decide to purchase an Australian Cattle Dog?

  3. Do you prefer a male or a female?             Male     Female     No Preference


  4. Do you have a color prefence?             Blue     Red     No Preference

    Comments on color preference:

  5. Do you plan on participating on any of the following activities with your ACD?
    (check all that apply)
    Conformation Obedience Herding Agility
    Tracking Flyball Therapy Breeding
    Family Pet Other:

  6. If you are not planning on breeding or showing, would you be willing to have your Australian Cattle Dog Spayed or Neutered?             Yes     No

  7. Do you currently own any other dogs?             Yes     No

    If Yes, please list them below along with breed, age, sex and spay/neuter status:

  8. Do you currently own any other animals (non-canine)?             Yes     No

    If Yes, please list them below:

  9. If you currently do not own any dogs, can you tell me about your past exposure to dogs and dog ownership?

  10. Do you have children?             Yes     No

    If Yes, please list their names and ages below and give me a brief idea of their exposure to dogs:

  11. What are your plans for housing and exercising your Australian Cattle Dog?

  12. Is your yard fenced?             Yes     No

    Please describe dogs exercise area:

  13. On average, what do you plan to spend per year on food, veterinary care, etc.
    for your Australian Cattle Dog? $

  14. How much do you expect to pay for an ACD puppy? $

  15. Have you spoken with any other ACD breeders?             Yes     No

    If Yes, please list them below:

  16. Are you currently on the waiting list for any other litters?            Yes    No

  17. What are your plans for transporting this puppy/dog to you?

  18. Were you referred to me by anybody in particular?            Yes    No

    If Yes, please list them below:

  19. Are you at all interested in being contacted about Rescue Dogs (note that clicking on this link will pen a new browser window for you and you will thus not lose your questionnaire answers if you want to find out more about rescue before answering this question) or older dogs needing placement if we should come across a dog that we feel would suit your needs?             Yes     No

    Please list several references
    (veterinarian, person active in dogs or close acquaintance preferred).

    Kindly note their relationship to you in the text box with their contact information

    Please include a phone number for each reference (and e-mail address if possible):

    Reference 1:

    Reference 2:

    Reference 3:

    Reference 4:

READ THIS PLEASE: If you get an error message when you try to submit this form, hit the "back" button on your browser, feel free to print out the form and send it to me via snail-mail (Katherine Branson, 1322 CR 2125 East, St. Joseph, IL 61873).